About pride, longing, and human connections

Examining the blend of pride and ambition, revealing how setbacks can shape us. An artwork that raises questions about our strong longing for meaningful relationships and the captivating complexity of our emotions.

In this printed digital artwork, a female figure emanates a sense of pride entangled with a profound wellspring of emotions. With hands confidently resting on her hips and an air of regality, the young woman, in her nudity, embodies an unwavering self-assurance that personifies the essence of oneself. The artist’s passionate response to the lyrics, “You say, ‘Can we still be friends?’ If I was scared, I would. And if I was bored, you know I would. And if I was yours, but I’m not,” (2010, Arcade Fire, Ready to Start) serves as the inspiration behind this portrayal of self-awareness, symbolizing a heartfelt reaction to a friendship request that falls short of the desired connection.

Beneath the composed surface of the subject lies a restrained anger, subtly enhancing a sense of pride and reflecting the artist’s own amalgamation of emotions and longing. It reveals a complex mental shield employed to safeguard oneself from emotional pain and letdowns.

A delicate line of golden light traces above the subject’s breasts, acting as both a luminous symbol of protection and a radiant representation of the artist’s fortified elevated state of consciousness. It signifies an unwavering resolve to shield the self from the anguish of emotional vulnerability.

Through the incorporation of a dissolved environment, luminous reflections, and subtle distortions of lines, the artwork captures the interplay of emotions within the artist’s inner realm. ‘andifiwasyoursbutimnot’ invites contemplation of the intimacy within human relationships, the transformative power of consciousness amidst emotional setbacks, and the profound yearning for meaningful connections.

Size 30 × 30 cm
Medium Digital print