A portrait of the cantantessa

Carmen Consoli is an Italian singer-songwriter from Catania whom I have learnt to love across the years since 1999 when I first listened to her music during a Festivalbar show. This is that very particular moment when I literally fell in love with this completely amazing artist who has, since then, blossomed into one of the most respected names in the Italian and international music panorama. Her music is mostly personal but she frequently looks into socio-political themes through her provocative, ironic or sarcastic approach. Through the years Consoli was able to develop her art by researching and working within various musical languages.

I had the chance to attend two of her live concerts in Taormina (2010) and Acireale (2015).

This portrait is an effort to interpret the beauty of this heart-warming artist who has blessed me with her art all across the best years of my life.

Medium Digital print