The divisive cult of a people that murdered one of its own

Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia née Vella was a Maltese writer, journalist, blogger and anti-corruption activist reporting mainly on political events in Malta. She was born August 26, 1964 and assassinated on October 16, 2017 whilst driving close to her home in Bidnija in her leased car. This was made to explode, killing her instantly and leaving the vehicle scattered in several pieces across nearby fields.

I was never a follower of Caruana Galizia’s reporting especially since various statements of hers came across as offensive with people like myself who cherished a leftist approach to politics. These sentiments were shared by many. Whilst I dealt with this by boycotting her blog, others showered her with ruthless adjectives and titles or even worse, demonised her.

The crazy ordeal of October 16 came as no surprise to many, whilst others were in total shock. I recall the moment when news reached me whilst working at the Valletta 2018 Foundation. Most of my colleagues were horrified whilst others were almost relieved.

In a few weeks I realised how the work and death of this woman disclosed the large crevasse in the values of the Maltese people. Whilst most hold strong to their religious practices, many amongst them were and still are celebrating the death of “the witch from Bidnija” in opposition to others who have considered this turn of events as the pits of a society that has lost its true conscience.

This re-appropriated digital rendering of Ms Caruana Galizia completed July 23, 2021 defines her as a metaphoric mirroring of the contemporary Maltese society. Printed on Fujicolour Crystal Archive Type II, the artwork was physically torn apart to represent this sad reality.

Size 60 × 40 cm
Medium Digital print on Fujicolour Crystal Archive Type II