Il-Qasma Soċjali

The social divide; the bowel incontinence

Art installation against racial hatred expressed through Social Media.

Il-Qasma Soċjali shed light on the extremist attitude of some Maltese towards immigration from North African countries into Malta. A ceramic toilet was decorated with various colourful hatred comments posted on Facebook by various Maltese users. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s sarcasm in “Fountain”, the concept was re-appropriated into Maltese contemporary politics.

Il-Qasma Soċjali translates into The Social Divide, yet it refers to the use of the word Qasma in vulgar Maltese which refers to a bowel incontinence and a sudden urge to poo. The artwork was signed off as ARMAT with reference to Duchamp’s “R.Mutt” signing off for “Fountain”. Whilst sounding the same, ARMAT in the Maltese language stands for “equipped”. In colloquial contexts, it refers to someone being equipped with some dangerous defensive tools.

Qasma Soċjali made part of a collective effort by artists Darren Tanti, Chris Castillo, Keith Bonnici and Pawlu Mizzi under the pseudonym Nagħaġ (Sheep) for the 2013 Earth Garden Festival.

Series Nagħaġ (Sheep) collective
Size Installation
Medium Various Media