The Gingerbread Men

Art, social media and active mobilisation

Social media is an opportunity for the creation of direct or indirect experiences that motivate expressive, individual and collective self-awareness. Can artists assemble people within social media’s virtual space and motivate their awareness into their physical space? Additionally, can the spectacle between personal and collective spaces be choreographed into an active mobilisation?

The Gingerbread Men was an activist occupation of St James Cavalier. An artistic choreography of assembly through social media. The Gingerbread Men, expected to be inanimate, as dictated by the ingredients, have finally overcome personal boundaries and become active. People joined the movement or retreated. Each gingerbread man guided the audience in consuming this medium and react on the online Occupy network, turning the audience into the main protagonist of this artistic choreography.

Series The Gingerbread Men
Medium Installation