Bejn is-Swar

A love story with my city

A wooden panel, painted to resemble a Valletta wall, serves as a canvas for a heartfelt poem that expresses a profound bond with the city.

During the ‘L-Aħħar Festa’ festivities in Valletta on December 15, 2018, which marked the conclusion of Valletta’s tenure as the European Capital of Culture, a particular wall became a hub for interaction.

Despite the adverse weather conditions that plagued Valletta that day, individuals were encouraged to contribute to the artwork by leaving their own mark on the “wall.” This could be achieved through painting directly on it or by attaching their thoughts on sticky notes and sharing polaroid selfies. The aim was to cover the entire wall with photographs, symbolizing the city’s vibrant life, characterized by continuous human engagement and connections.

The poem, composed in the Maltese language, narrates an intimate moment experienced within the city. Although it explicitly refers to a physical encounter between two individuals, the poem metaphorically represents the artist’s deep affection for their hometown.

Nifs f’nifs
bil-ħin friżat fuq ħoġorna,
insir nafek.
Sa ma għada jisbaħ.
Sa ma jasal tmiem.
Taħt liżar stilel,
fil-għatx tar-ruħ,

Series Street Art
Medium Mixed Media