Lettere series

The personal feminine

Understanding and connecting with the feminine aspect of oneself as it evolves throughout life’s experiences is a challenge that men encounter at some point in their journey.

Embarking on the endeavor of composing a letter, aiming to unravel the profound layers of our inner selves. Lettere stands as a collection of four repurposed digital images, representing an ongoing exploration of the anima. This journey is intricately tied to the challenge faced by men in understanding and connecting with the evolving feminine aspect within themselves—a challenge that inevitably surfaces at various junctures in their life’s journey. This exploration involves a deliberate exercise in active imagination, challenging and transcending the conventional notion of the male gaze as an ego-driven act of objectification.

In Lettere, the creative process becomes a profound reflection on the intricate dance between the masculine and feminine within, offering an alternative narrative that goes against the standard grain of the male gaze. Instead of perpetuating an abusing ego, these reimagined images foster a more empathetic and nuanced connection with the feminine, shedding light on its multifaceted nature. The photographic canvas undergoes a metamorphosis, transforming the ordinary into captivating visual narratives that mirror the complexities of the inner self.

In essence, Lettere becomes a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression, challenging preconceptions and fostering a rich tapestry of visual storytelling that celebrates the harmonious interplay of diverse aspects within the human psyche.

Series iPAD drawings
Size 25 × 36 cm
Medium Digital photography

Con Le Scarpe Nuove – Mock up for visual purposes only

Sarebbe Bello – Mock up for visual purposes only

Come Sempre – Mock up for visual purposes only

Violini Illusi – Mock up for visual purposes only