La Metro series

A dance of nuanced aesthetics

“Presenting the artistic depths of the new diva”

The La Metro series unfolds with three found photographs that have undergone reinterpretation, inspired by the dynamic interplay of graphical spatial movement. This concept seamlessly evolves into a dynamic form of action painting, characterised by a spontaneous and improvisational process.

Within this creative journey, there exists a nuanced interplay between the painted elements and the central figures within the found photographs, considering aspects such as colour, stroke thickness, and overall colour contrasts. The outcome is a harmonious convergence, giving rise to a balanced and captivating sense of movement.

In the exploration of this artistic odyssey, a fusion of intuition and deliberate choices results in an intricate dance of visual elements that captivates the observer. This narrative transcends the confines of the conventional male gaze, introducing the concept of a “new diva” that celebrates a profound understanding of the feminine spirit.

Two of the images boldly portray a nude figure, capturing the essence of vulnerability and authenticity. This choice is intentional, presenting a raw and unfiltered representation that allows the viewer to connect with the unadorned beauty of the human form. In contrast, the third image features a woman adorned in a black top against a sun-bright yellow background. This deliberate juxtaposition creates a powerful visual contrast, symbolising the interplay between light and shadow, strength and vulnerability.

The La Metro series strategically emphasises the empowerment and celebration of the feminine spirit, crafting a narrative that transcends traditional aesthetics to embrace a fresh and captivating perspective. The carefully selected wardrobe and background choices serve as deliberate expressions of the multifaceted nature of the “new diva” concept, highlighting both resilience and grace within the visual narrative.

Series iPAD drawings
Size 25 × 38 cm
Medium Digital print

Sparite Tutti – Mock up for visual purposes only

Conchiglie – Mock up for visual purposes only

La Metro – Mock up for visual purposes only