Ed e’ quasi come essere felice

Exploring sensuality and fate

A visual journey that intertwines sensuality, destiny, and the enigmatic Red String of Fate

In this vector artwork, an anonymous woman is depicted wearing a bathrobe, creating a captivating scene that conveys a sense of personal relaxation and intimacy. The bathrobe symbolizes comfort and hints at a private environment where the subject can truly unwind and embrace her solitude.

The artwork notably draws attention to the woman’s cleavage in a discreet and captivating manner, effectively emphasizing her femininity and allure. This particular element adds a subtle hint of sensuality and confidence, thereby imbuing the composition with an enchanting charm.

In her left hand, the woman holds or pulls a red string, which carries profound symbolism. The red string references the concept of the Red String of Fate, originating from Chinese folklore. According to this belief, individuals destined to meet are connected by an invisible red string, transcending time, place, and circumstances. By incorporating this symbol, the artwork delves into the notion of fate and explores the profound connections that can emerge between people.

Another intriguing detail in the artwork is the presence of a black hairband encircling the woman’s left hand. This subtle yet captivating addition suggests that the subject is in the process of tying her hair, adding an extra layer of sensuality to the scene. The inclusion of the hairband hints at an imminent transformation or preparation for a more intimate moment.

The juxtaposition between the woman’s hand holding the red string and the presence of the hairband creates a captivating dynamic. It symbolizes a duality between the connection represented by the Red String of Fate and the personal act of tending to one’s appearance.

Crafted using vector art techniques, the artwork employs precise mathematical equations and points to achieve clean lines, sharp edges, and a visually striking composition. Vibrant colors are utilized to enhance the overall impact, lending depth and dimension to the artwork.

This work was the very end of the Kobba creative phase but was left out of the final curated set. In line with the concept behind Kobba, it raises questions about permanence, stability and the profound possibilities that lie within the connections we forge with ourselves and others.

Size 297 × 420 mm
Medium Digital print