Elephant Woman

Didn't matter who was in the room - she was all I saw

Following a long hiatus, here’s a new work based on photographic manipulation and digital painting.

The work revolves around the theme of the female grandeur as perceived by a lover and inspired by a comment posted July 27 on the ifwekissed instagram profile reading:

“i got so lost in her details. The shape of her lips. The way her hair falls on her shoulders. The way the light brighten her eyes. The way her smile forms when she looks at me. Didn’t matter who was in the room – she was all I saw.” 

This last statement is a diametric opposite to the English idiom “elephant in the room” denoting an important topic, question, or controversial issue that is obvious to everyone or that everyone knows about but which everyone avoids not to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. No matter any controversy or discomfort, the true lover will always acknowledge the beauty of his/her beloved.

The creative process was further accompanied by the music Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead which was discovered on July 27 and which triggered the concept behind this work.

Size 25 × 32 cm
Medium Digital print