Elephant Woman

Didn't matter who was in the room - she was all I saw

Following a long hiatus, here’s a new work based on photographic manipulation and digital painting.

The focal point of this artistic endeavor revolves around the embodiment of feminine grandeur as perceived through the lens of an ardent admirer. Its inception was sparked by an evocative remark stumbled upon on July 27, within the comment section of the “ifwekissed” Instagram profile:

“i got so lost in her details. The shape of her lips. The way her hair falls on her shoulders. The way the light brighten her eyes. The way her smile forms when she looks at me. Didn’t matter who was in the room – she was all I saw.” 

This profound statement starkly juxtaposes the common English idiom “elephant in the room,” which alludes to a weighty subject, question, or contentious matter that is palpable to all, yet meticulously avoided to evade discomfort or unease. Irrespective of any controversy or disquietude, an authentic lover will forever acknowledge and celebrate the resplendence of their beloved.

The creative process was further accompanied by the music Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead which was discovered on July 27 and which accopanied the conceptual creation of this artwork.

Size 25 × 32 cm
Medium Digital print