We all want we all yearn

Researching disconnections and revelations

Disconnection with a loved counterpart entails a process of yearning and letting go followed by hope or grief. Lullaby is a work about a state of disconnection, a state of sleep/flux in which the burning fire of desire sleeps but slowly sheds light on unforeseen revelations. The work was greatly inspired by the song Lulluby by American indie rock band Low.

“Cross over and turn
Feel the spot don’t let it burn
We all want we all yearn
Be soft don’t be stern
Was not supposed to make you cry
I sang the words I meant
I sang”
The ghost-like female figure revealed a surprisingly uncanny resemblance to Forget Marie from the Her Majesty (2015) series. Would this be a slow revelation rather than a disappearance? Would the truth within unveil itself and manifest or just take time to fade away?
Size 45 × 60 cm
Medium Digital print