Portrait of Jesmond Mifsud

In memory of a man who loved a lot

Through this commissioned work I wanted to salute a gentleman who made treasure of his life and the life of those around him. He is greatly missed and so are his kindness and love that transpired through his smile and gentle words. The Valletta community will never forget Jesmond.

Creating this portait of Jesmond Mifsud wasn’t an easy feat. I didn’t know the man much and only spoke to him in few instances. The last time we met was in St Lucia Street, right opposite the family shop. He called me “zi” and when I asked why he explained it was because my uncle Noel who was his friend, used to call him so.

Jesmond left this world on January 16, 2020. His faith and love for Jesus was no secret as he used to preach Jesus whenever possible even through the most painful days. An exemplary and positive member of the Valletta community, Jesmond is missed till this very day.

This portrait depicts Jesmond as an elegant soul through a dark background adorned in gold and copper textures. The focus of the composition is the radiance on the subject’s face. The work is now showcased in the family shop turned wine bar by Jesmond’s elder son. May it warm the heart of his family and help the remembrance of this gentleman and all his goodness.

Series Portraits
Size 60 × 40 cm
Medium Digital UV print on aluminium
Collection Private Collection