Portrait of Sandro Lapira

Remembering a Valletta icon

A commissioned work depicting my late friend Sandro Lapira. So missed by many, he is definitely amongst the iconic characters for the Valletta community. Notwithstanding his young age, Sandro will be remembered as a trustful friend who contributed to the Valletta culture through many ways.

When George Lapira contacted me to commission this graphic work of his late brother, various emotions flowed through me. Even though ours wasn’t a deep friendship, with only a few moments shared during festa and the occasional chat on Messenger, Sandro did inspire a lot of good vibes in my life especially in the past 15 years since I got directly involved in the Pauline community.

A true son of Arċipierku, Sandro was a succesful man with a passion for football, fashion, Valletta, AC Milan and our patron saint, Paul of Tarsus. I recall clearly his excitement and his starry eyes when I interviewed him for a brief comment about our festa. His passion for life and complete trust in God were exemplary and a true inspiration for me. Sandro passed away in October 21, 2021 leaving the Valletta community in deep grief. Beautiful memories about this man flowed on social media following the sad news.

Portraying such an icon should have felt like a task, yet as soon as AC Milan claimed the Serie A title 2021/22 in May 22, 2022, inspiration got the best of me. The final work represents Sandro in his typical smile – his way of spreading love and offering comfort to all. Graphic references link to his passion for football, Valletta and the Pauline community in Valletta. May this work bring joy and beautiful memories to his family and friends. May it help to keep alight the rememberance of this great soul.

Series Portraits
Size 60 × 40 cm
Medium Digital UV print on aluminium
Collection Private Collection