A role of mediation between alienation and activism.

The objective of this research is to explore and investigate how art can be envisaged as a driver of social narratives through social media in a bid to trigger and sustain the development of contemporary… more

The rise of industrialisation

With improved production and new trading markets, the Industrial Revolution proved to be an overwhelming experience on a cultural level. It transformed daily human life in all aspects as it provided new experiences, which were… more

Postmodernism – Time for self reflection

Whilst the Modernist period was linked to the Enlightenment and the idea that the industrial world would be the ultimate solution for mankind’s troubles, the Post Modern ideology promoted self-reflection. more

New Wave Cinema

The new visions of the World through the eyes of French cinema directors Whilst established French directors in the 1950s were almost becoming authors of their own movies, upcoming ones were expressing these concerns and… more

The Bauhaus and De Stijl

The school was aimed at raising questions about methods of teaching good art and design. Its founder, Walter Gropius planned to get all arts, including architecture under one roof and create mass produced design goods… more