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Automatic reply

In reply to Lou Bondi’s article This is the home where paedophiles lived, i couldn’t help but write a reply in the same language he used:

“Such acts are definately to be condemned. Let’s make it clear.

I just hope you can find time to also drop a light on the great work and achievements done by the Missionary Society of St Paul in Malta and abroad.

I’m sure that colleagues of yours like Pablo Micallef, Mark Doneo, John Bundy. Fr.Karm Debattista and Joe Dimech will be more than willing to testify the great benefits we all got from St Pauls Missionary College. Great men, themselves priests, made many of us turn into bright professionals, loving husbands and resposible fathers, without asking for any applause.

Dropping shadows on the places and houses where such miserable acts took place without guiding the audience through both the good and the bad, isn’t the ideal balance for true journalism – i guess.

Once again, just to make myself clear – let us condemn such horrible acts – made even worse in such environments – but let us not label the whole category either!

You know how it goes Lu – there are bad and good journalists! Labelling all of them as science fiction authors, doesn’t make justice to the brilliant ones!”